Merchant Overview

Fast, secure and reliable processing

Whether you are a small or a large business, the mPay Merchants have an easy to process and accept card payments.

Using contactless technology the mPay solution is used with mPOS, free point of sale software developed by mPay.

No fees

Cheaper than EFTPOS and Credit Card

The mPay terminal solution offers much greater flexibility for you business and is cheaper than EFTPOS and Credit Card.

Full feature list

Cheaper than EFTPOS and Credit Card
Daily Settlement*
Statements available 24×7
Marketing support
Training available
Comprehensive user guide
All your data is stored securely in the cloud
Automatic updates
Daily transaction history
Unlimited Employees: With or without administrator rights
Corporate accounts settled daily*
Statement shows sales by customer & employee
Real-Time customer history
View customers entire financial history
Load funds on to a customers account
POS printer support (Epson, Star etc)
Multiple loyalty redeem settings
Option to expire loyalty stamps
Supports ‘Closed Loop’ payments for schools etc
Replace your existing loyalty system. Supporting:
  • Loyalty Stamps
  • Pre-paid
View customer rankings and analyse corporate accts
Optionally display customers last purchase
Retrieve a list of customers for marketing campaigns
Sell advertising space on your sales dockets
Daily advertising reports
Place your logo on sales dockets
Print marketing ads based on SKU & Qty
Monitor daily settlement amount at any time
View and graph daily settlement history
Stock usage report
Up to 200 configurable sales buttons
Internet connectivity required

* 4pm Monday-Friday AEST/AEDT (excluding public & bank holidays).

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